Essential Knowledge

“Through authority you will never find anything. You must be free of authority to find reality. It is one of the most difficult things to be free of authority, both the outer and the inner. Inner authority is the consciousness of experience, consciousness of knowledge. And outward authority is the state, the party, the group, the community. A man who would find reality must shun all authority, external and inward. So, don’t be told what to think. That is the curse of reading – the word of another becomes all-important.”
Jiddu Krishnamurti

The world is full of information. In modern post-industrial societies, adults consume information fed to them by the mainstream media and through all forms of entertainment and literature. This in turn leads people to adopt the information as truth or valid, without significant questioning or critical examination.

We’ve spent over 14 years collecting information that is relevant and related to the topic of Freedom. To save you time, we’ve collated the best and most useful information into one place, here at Shape Freedom – so that you receive information that is not normally widely publically broadcast, discussed or disseminated.

This will hopefully springboard you into a reality where you can begin to discern between valuable information and distraction and empower you to take the reigns of your life and steer it in a new, enlightened direction, for the benefit of all.

Many people are tired of and apathetic to receiving a new understanding of the world. This internal resistance is natural but has been exploited to benefit those who know how to exploit it. This means were moving through an age of oligarchical control that has been slowly engineered in existence over many generations and the people are kept largely off-scent of the truth – largely due to the ubiquitous presentaiton of misinformation and false (the ‘victor’s version’ of) history.

You can start with any section that interests you – but the information is presented in such a way so as gradually introduce you to the system of control that entraps humanity in an enslaved, hive-mind subservience, held steady by well-established and well-oiled forms of propaganda.

So, start at the beginning and skip over anything you might already know about.

Good luck – we’re all in this together and each individual has a part of contribute. Increasing one’s own awareness is the very least one can do.

A good place to start is understanding the history – ALWAYS. It’s critical to look at how this situation on the planet was constructed to understand how it works and how to free yourself from its effects.

Let’s begin with the mind and the attempts by powerful parties, Governments, secret agencies, programmes and societies to control and ‘enthrall’ the masses to change behaviour and strength.